Magic brand underwear show the perfect connotation of fashion people

Magic brand Bingzhe just within the virtues of the outside, holding soft posture, uphold the right path, in line with God's purpose in line with the people's hearts, and strive to achieve the perfect unity of man and underwear . Now Magic is not just a brand, it is a kind of life attitude and life style. Today's life is multi-layered, omni-directional and constantly changing.


People are also experiencing different life experiences and life experiences. The Magic brand will change in the superior brand charm to meet people's high grade, to show the perfect connotation. Magic fully explore the Chinese domestic market. Belonging to the world, China is undoubtedly the best stage for the continuation of dreams.

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Coolmax material is always favored by manufacturer that designs fashionable sportswear. Topline designs Coolmax Yarn Blend and Coolmax Wool Yarn For Knitting use in 2020SS, which is suitable for buyers who love cool, smooth, soft and versatile materials.

CoolMax yarn is new type material with excellent properties. it is created by E.I.Du Pont Company. It has excellent moisture absorption and sweat releasing property. It can releasing the moisture from skin in short time.

we have below coolmax yarn:

BREATH: Nm17 54%cotton 46%polyester (COOLMAX) yarn

REP: Nm20 41% extrafine merino wool 22% rayon viscose 37% polyester (COOLMAX) yarn

Coolmax Yarn

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