Mengjie Home Textiles Store Warehouse Management Skills

There is a lot of experience in the warehouse management of home textiles stores, so how to deal with some inventory problems in your store in the daily business process, I believe everyone should pay attention! Meng Jie Home Textile tells you about the warehouse management of home textiles stores!

A successful home textiles store is a comprehensive result of various factors such as storefront, product organization, sales planning, and personnel training. But the store's business performance is good, the boss will certainly make money? The answer is: not necessarily. Because you really realize the profit of your door, you can control your inventory of goods. Many well-performing home textiles store operators found that a large backlog of goods replaced their own profits. The hard work was just to exchange a large number of backlogs and work for manufacturers and agents.

Brand Home Textiles Mengjie Home Textile believes that the two indicators of reasonable inventory of the store are: First, to meet the daily sales needs, to ensure sufficient supply of goods sold by the store, to prevent customer losses caused by short goods. Second, the capital is occupied reasonably, and there is no huge backlog of goods. Generally speaking, according to the inventory ratio of monthly sales, the monthly inventory should be normal at 1:5.5 and can meet the reasonable proportion of sales demand; when the sales amount: the inventory amount exceeds the ratio of 1:11, it is the warning signal that the inventory exceeds the standard. .

Developing good warehouse management habits is a great help for good inventory management. 1. Good storage environment: ensure that there is no direct sunlight in the warehouse; good ventilation; no pests and rodents; keep the warehouse environment clean and tidy; 2. convenient and quick to pick up the goods: the inventory is for service sales, so the stock The first principle is convenience. It must be placed in a place where the salesperson can get the goods in the most time. 3. Classification: According to the different classification of goods, the division defines the inventory area of ​​each category. The stock area can be divided according to bedding products, towels, etc.; or the area can be divided according to the brand; however, in order to shorten the service time of the salesperson, I still recommend to sort the stocks according to the best-selling goods and the flat-selling goods.

4, timed inventory: the purpose of the timed inventory is to ensure that the inventory of the goods in line. Through the monthly scheduled inventory, the operator can find out in time whether the structure and proportion of the inventory are reasonable, so as to lay a good foundation for good inventory management. 5, follow the principle of first-in-first-out, to ensure the renewal of goods: Although the clothing products do not have the problem of shelf life, but for some light-colored products that are sensitive to light, still follow the principle of first-in-first-out, to avoid discoloration loss.

Inventory control of goods: 1, do a good job in sales statistics, analyze the consumer habits of home textile stores, understand the preferences of most light customers for different styles, sizes, colors, when the purchase is targeted; 2, strengthen sales of sales staff Skill training, when the salesperson respects the guests, find the right customers according to the characteristics of the goods to consume, instead of letting the customers choose the goods according to personal preferences; 3. Make full use of the replacement of the manufacturers and agents: the operators should fully Use the replacement goods provided by the manufacturer and the agent, and return the bad goods to the manufacturers and agents during the exchange period to avoid the backlog of goods;

Establish an effective mechanism for digesting and backloging goods: Although the people have made great efforts, but because the market conditions are changing rapidly, it is inevitable that inventory goods will appear. Then, by establishing an effective mechanism for digesting the backlog of goods, it will become a backlog of goods and become cash. The final guarantee: 1, the use of major festivals and low prices: New Year's Day, March 8th, 51st, 11th traditional four major festivals, the use of four major festivals to consolidate goods for promotion can handle most of the backlog of goods; 2, backlog goods sale Yes: It can be done regularly or temporarily. Using low prices to attract popularity, it will also drive the sale of other goods in the store, killing two birds with one stone; finally, I wish all the home textile store owners to make their own goods through the discussion of this article, and truly earn cash profits for themselves.

I believe the above information should be very representative! The general inventory problem of home textiles stores should be able to find a good solution in the above information, then the above information is not omnipotent, you still need to deal with according to your own situation.

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