MIK&LA Mi Lala 2014 autumn shoes recommended stilettos wonderful

MIK & LA Mi Lala 2014 autumn shoes recommended, stilettos catch your breath.

MIK & LA Mi Lala 2014 autumn shoes recommended, stilettos catch your breath.

The most classic wild black

If you do not know what color of shoes to wear, then wear black, it will not go wrong with a single product, you can hold all occasions.

The most sexy leopard

If you wear hot hot pants, or outline a beautiful bandage skirt, with a pair of leopard can be sexy double oh.

The most shiny metal color

When honey comes out of the street, one person comes with a pair of shimmering high-heeled shoes that shine forever like youth.

The most gentle bare pink

See parents must-see nude pink high heels, gentle watery prostitute look easy to create.

The most feminine red wine

To go out to negotiate with customers, wear black too rigid, wear bright colors too frivolous, then come to a pair of burgundy high heels it, able to calm the atmosphere without losing calm.

The Fairest Macarons

Putting on this kind of pink and tender colors can not help but feel that they sprouted, out of the street or dating these macarons are a good choice.

The most beautiful candy colors

If the color of the clothes is simple and low-key, you can use a pair of candy-colored shoes to brighten your body and catch the eye.

The most trendy geometric colors

If you are not a lady fan, nor are you a wild fan, but a new trendy man in the avant-garde fashion, then a pair of high-heeled shoes with geometrical colors can make a big difference for you.

The wildest serpentine

Snakes and leopards feel similar, but they are less wild and more mature.

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