NEWFOUND New Zealand spring 2014 waves coming soon shock

This spring, NEWFOUND minimalist and elegant profile with the luxury of expensive fabrics to dissolve the integration of previous dull impression, in addition to classic black, white, gray, camel, this band NEWFOUND has introduced a new color experience --- elegant pink, fresh Department of green, blue lakes, the charm of coral pink coat with New Zealand side classic orange line, full of new ideas and classic black and white colors side by side, in order to wipe out the United States this spring assortment of unexpected color.

Spring wave | military elegant series

Military style of the awe-inspiring, occasionally mixed with a time of tenderness, light, fresh ...... Straight Qin soul deep, inexpressible drunk happiness haunted, more delicate, how many Mysterious, how many elegant.

This series uses two major colors, elegant pink and fresh green.



Pink represents the beauty of women, on behalf of women's elegant and noble demeanor. It combines the New York classic style, describes the tenderness of an Oriental woman, to convey the romantic and youthful feelings of each woman.


Green system

Green system is a new spring color, it represents the hope and nature. Rich, shades of green, blend into the vitality, interpretation of a pure and glow of the season to meet each New Zealand.

Band display

Main color: pink Secondary color: black, camel


Main color: green Secondary color: black, white


Surprise surprise surprise !! ~

With this concern can be forwarded to all of our New York store enjoy "a special experience of elegant life and membership treatment."

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