Outdoor shoes can be divided into five series

[This site - shoes and life] For outdoor shoes, each brand, each category of outdoor shoes, has a very clear targeted (design goals), the classification of outdoor shoes, can be divided into five series :

1. Alpine series: (Also able to weigh hiking boots)

This series of boots is designed for Deng Xueshan. The bottom of the boots is usually Vibram or Sky walk outsole. The inner lining steel plate has a strong impact resistance. The crampons can be installed. The boots are of high design, generally above 20cm. The surface is made of hard plastic resin or thick leather and sheepskin, and the inner lining is made of warm shoe covers, which can adapt to the complex snow, ice and rock mixed terrain and can effectively protect your feet.

2, low mountain series: (also can be weighed climbing shoes)

The purpose of this type of shoes is to use peaks below 6,000 meters above sea level to climb ice walls or ice-snow mixed rock walls. The outer soles are made of wear-resistant rubber (Vibram or Sky walk) with a large base of organic carbon plates. The soles are very hard. Strong impact resistance, sufficient support when climbing, uppers are made of thick (3.0mm or more) leather or sheepskin, in order to enhance the waterproof and moisture permeability effect, commonly used Gore Tex or SympaTex lining, middle folder Insulation. The height of the upper is usually 15cm or more, which can effectively protect the feet from harm reduction under complex terrain conditions. Some models are equipped with crampons, and there are no fixed-structure available bundled crampons. Lighter than heavy hiking boots, it is more comfortable to remove crampons than heavy hiking boots.

3, through the series: (also known as medium-sized hiking shoes)

The series is designed for low-mountain, canyon, desert, Gobi and other more complex terrain to adapt to long-distance weight-bearing trekking. The structural characteristics of this type of shoes also belong to high-top shoes, the height of the upper is usually 13-15cm, with strong support, can effectively protect the cheekbones to reduce injury. The outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber. Some well-known brands also design nylon plate support between the big bottom and the midsole to increase the hardness of the sole, which not only effectively prevents deformation of the sole, but also enhances impact resistance. Uppers often use medium-thick layers of suede, sheepskin, or leather uppers, and Dubanese ultra-strength wear-resistant Cordura fabrics, which are lighter and more flexible than alpine and low mountains. . In order to solve the problem of waterproofing, most of the models use Gore Tex material for lining, and some use oil leather for waterproofing. Such shoes can walk on the water below the cheekbones or in the rain.

4, hiking series:

Trekking series is more commonly used in outdoor sports. The objective of the design is to provide lighter and lighter walking on short and medium distances. It is suitable for relatively gentle mountain, jungle, general outing or camping activities. The design features of these shoes are less than 12cm in the upper and have an ankle protection structure. Outsole is made of wear-resistant rubber, microporous foam in the bottom and double-layer encryption rubber. The high-end brand has a large bottom plastic plate sandwich, which has good impact resistance and shock absorption. The upper has full leather, leather or leather Mixed material. Some models have Gore Tex lining, and some models are not waterproof. The advantages of medium shoes are light, soft, comfortable and breathable. Walking in an uncomplicated terrain, the middle shoes should be better than high shoes.

5, hiking series:

The outdoor shoe hiking series is often called a short-shoe, and its design goal is to wear and not to exercise. Wear-resistant rubber outsole allows you to never have to worry about the wear of the soles will affect the use, flexible midsole can reduce the impact of the ground on the foot, but also reduce the weight of the pressure on the foot, high-end short shoes are usually also With a keel design, it can effectively prevent deformation of soles and enhance support. The tight upper design makes you feel as if the shoe is on your feet. These shoes are often equipped with leather uppers or nylon meshes, and are therefore lighter in texture. A pair of shoes is often less than 400g, and is very flexible. Currently in some European and American countries, this series is the most commonly used and best-selling variety.

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