Precious and rare, never fade, eternal platinum, long time

According to national regulations, only platinum can be called platinum. Platinum is a natural, pure white precious metal that never fades and never wears out.


What is the difference between platinum (ie platinum) and white gold?

The most common white metals on the market are platinum (ie, platinum) and white gold, which are easily confused because they are white, but they are actually two completely different metals. Platinum (Pt) is a natural white precious metal. Platinum has a natural white color, never fades, never wears out the eternal qualities, and it will last forever and it will last forever.

The white gold (WhiteGold), the main component is 75% gold, due to the addition of other metals to present a white surface. Therefore, white gold is an alloy that will fade or yellow when worn for a long time.

How to tell the true platinum (ie platinum) jewelry?

The most straightforward way to identify platinum is to look for platinum-specific logos in jewelry – Pt or platinum. According to national regulations, the back of each piece of platinum jewelry must be engraved with the exclusive logo of platinum: Pt or platinum (platinum), and with a thousand points of platinum purity (including platinum), such as platinum (platinum) ) or Pt950, Pt990 (foot platinum), Pt999 (thousands of platinum). It's a platinum ID card, and when you find it, you can have real platinum jewelry.

Platinum (ie platinum) traits

Never fade

Platinum has a pure white color, which is a godsend. Because it is extremely pure, it will not fade or change color, and it will always have pure white luster in the passage of time.

Precious and rare

Platinum is sparsely produced, naturally precious, and can only be mined in a few places in the world, so it has a long-lasting value; it is also regarded as a favorite by those who pursue a noble lifestyle.


Platinum is heat-resistant, acid-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and maintains stable metal properties in extremely harsh environments, making it tougher and more resistant. Even if scratches are left, only the metal is displaced, but the quality is constant.

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