Put on shoes to make the most out of the office

Both elegant and cool, become the most dazzling office star.

Neat and tidy has always been the standard of the image of an office lady. Heavily dressed high heels are almost everyday wear patterns. However, in the hot sun, girls also want to wear cool to weather this hot weather, but the office's dress code does not welcome sleeveless shirts and miniskirts. It is a bit difficult for OL to maintain the image's decent and sweat insulation during the summer. In this regard, clothing consultant Carla Nemiroff and image consultant Rachel Fauman made the following recommendations, allowing you to be both elegant and cool, and become the brightest office star.

The most breathable cotton fabric

When choosing clothes for the summer, fabrics are an important factor to consider. Cool, breathable fabrics will not give you too much restraint. Both experts believe that cotton clothing is the best choice for summer because it has the best air permeability. "If it is designed and tailored, it will look even better when worn." Nemiroff thinks, "You can match a tailored trouser to make the whole person look more motivated."

Simple and practical into the theme

As an OL, your wardrobe always changes theme with the season. And your office dress also needs to set the theme as the season changes. Nermiroff thinks straight long skirts, loose pants or white pants are all good choices for summer, but it is limited to these kinds of monotonous. Carla Nemiroff suggested that the theme of summer clothing is simple and practical: "I suggest you can prepare 3 to 5 of your favorite skirts or skirts in the closet, some light cotton or linen trousers, the top can choose Some shirts with button styles, etc. "These clothes are well-dressed, and at the same time, they can protect you from the sweaty back.

Remember the bottom line

In summer, vest and shorts are the most popular dresses, but we all know that you sitting in the office, you can not do whatever you want to wear, what to wear, these cool dress can only stay in the holiday. But the two experts believe that it is always appropriate to make small changes on the edge of the tradition and take a small risk.

“Although there may be differences in dress code in different workplaces, your dress is safe as long as you do the following: You must always wear a cover that covers your shoulders and cleavage, a cool vest and a sexy look. The low-cut is not welcome in the office; short skirts and shorts can be, but the length must not be shorter than two inches on the knee." Fauman said. This will follow these two principles and you will be able to make changes in traditional office clothing. Nemiroff suggests that you can try a delicate sleeveless shirt with a short sleeved light jacket. In this way, you can take off your jacket and have a cool afternoon when your lunch break or it's really hot.

At work, your overall image and your working ability will have the same impact, so remember to make sure you maintain a good image. Even if it is summer, you must leave a dedicated job. Refreshing impression.

The weather began to get hot, whether or not you are still infatuated with exquisite and elegant style, this summer's slightly exaggerated but very high-quality jewelry is one of the accessories that the influx people should not miss. It is a very good match for clothes. And has a clear focus on the role of accessories.

Colorful bracelet steady focus beauty

It is said that jewelry is a part of life that is indispensable to women. Especially in the active early summer. In the summer, whether it is in the sleeves, seven sleeves, or long sleeves, thin and light clothes, like a snowboard, it is a good time to show their wrists.

A colorful bracelet can bring an infinite amount of anger to everyday dress. There are also double-ring bracelets with different colors. The multiple color changes make the color of the clothes more prominent.

Tide to explosion blinds glasses

KanyeWest's song "STRONGER" is considered to be the name of this year's hot-drum dance floor. It was blown by the United States to France. The MV of "STRONGER" was not very good, but among them Kanye West had worn a white "louvered mirror" and made many influxes proudly. "This glasses is really bursting into the sky..."

Ribbon sandals out of street temperament female

Colorful color stripe shoes, take a look at everyone's eyes, gorgeous neon colors let your whole person emit infinite light, the most shining star on the street is you! Ribbon sandals with heels of different colors. Apart from its rich colors, it is also very eye-catching. Even if the clothes are not attractive, the shoes are Perfect, or they are selected with high scores.

Banana yellow bag change dull dress

Some women are not very demanding about wearing and are extremely casual. What clothes may be caught today will be worn out and ran out of the door. This way of life makes the dress extremely incongruous. In addition, some women are more introverted, choosing clothes will also tend to dark colors, so that the entire people are surrounded by a layer of dense fog. In order to break this uncoordinated life, start with an eye-catching handbag.

Banana yellow has a natural beauty, and bright colors, the most attractive eye. With a small handbag, going to the dance party is amazing. A simple but not simple banana yellow handbag must be envied by others.
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