Qiqi Library strong presence in children's clothing - Guangzhou Baiyun District, Sun City

By the trust of the majority of the cooperation alliance of support, Qiji library strong presence of children's wear - Guangzhou Baiyun District, Sun City, I wish the business is booming, ample resources. Gard Fort Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City is Qichu children's clothing in the Chinese market the only authorized dealer, the sole agent of the brand in the Chinese market promotion and sales. Qichiku children's wear absorb the essence of the traditional European and American classic style, always humane care and safety, health, comfort as a product manufacturing guidelines. Extremely emphasize the inner quality, the succinct modeling line, three-dimensional tailoring and texture of the inherent beauty of the perfect combination of exquisite and changing sewing skills to product design creativity to the extreme, creating a product of simple fashion style and classic elegant temperament . Qichiku children's wear specifically for the Chinese cities aged 2-12 years old, height 100cm-160cm of children's design. Suitable for the pursuit of high-grade, high-quality fashion life of well-off children in urban families. Qichiku children's wear brand, safe, comfortable product quality, environmental protection, healthy product quality, well-built 2-12 year-old children's healthy growth paradise.

Women Swimwear

For our swimwear product, we use the four way stretch and comfortable material to make them, they are soft and perfect fit. The special dyeing process can protect the color fastness. We have a well trained team to control the product style, quality, customer service and shipment delivery, welcome to our shop for more details!

Women Swimwear

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