Remember SOGNI KIDS Zhuowei million manager terminal special training camp

In order to further enhance SOGNIKIDS children's clothing franchise operations ability and improve shop profitability, August 20 - August 22, 2013, Zhuowei Le children's wear at headquarters held "million manager terminal special training camp." The training course lasts for three days. Zhuowei Lok has the honor to invite Wang Jiansi, an international consultant for apparel training, and Yang Danyun, China's first strategic apparel industry strategist. To participate in the terminal training camp 103 from across the country Zhuowei Le children's clothing distributors and Zhuowei Le Terminal Services team staff. The manager training camp is one of the regular service contents of Zhuowei Le's children's clothing, which is mainly set up for the development needs of different stages of the store. It has been well received by more than 300 Franchisees of Zhuowei Lev over the years. The next phase of ZVO decided to normalize the curriculum and set up courses for different stages of development in different shops. Finally I wish this "one million store manager terminal training camp" a complete success.

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