Romantic Christmas, Christmas Gifts to win [local gold oh]!

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle Bells ..." Santa smiled, driving a sleigh carrying Christmas million flowers, wearing a cute Christmas hat, carrying a bag of gifts come to us slightly! Pound pound, Christmas is approaching, Xiaobian wish you all the pro Christmas happy Oh! Want to have a romantic and surprise on this Christmas? Hurry to come here to participate in activities, to win huge prizes [local gold Oh, hee hee], had a warm and memorable Christmas!


【Activity Time】: December 21 - December 25

1, concerned about the 18 Ladies Square official WeChat
2, share this event information to friends
3, set of friends canvassing votes, set at least 50 praise and phone screenshots reply to the eighteen Ladies Square official WeChat. (More praise the more the chance to get a prize!)

[Deadline] December 25 at 24 o'clock

[Activities prizes] native gold crystal stylus one

1, to meet the above requirements of the form of activities
2, by the number of praise the number of award-winning list of award-winning gifts come first served, small partners to refuel slightly!

【Award way
The winning list will be unveiled on December 27, and physical prizes will be sent by mail to the winning children's shoes within one week after the event ends.
Finally, I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Lucky prize slightly!

For more information share please continue to pay attention to 18 ladies Square official WeChat: shunvfang_18-; Recommend to friends attention please scan the following QR code:


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