SHIJIAN Sword ladies make women, as always, elegant and luxurious

SHIJIAN Sword was founded in 2006, is derived from Europe's fashion women's brand , warm and open to European culture as a vector, human interpretation of fashion, happy, healthy, beautiful pursuit. Advocacy of the concept of equality and harmony of people living together. In November 2010, the company newly relocated to nearly 2,000 square meters of office buildings and factories in Dadong Tai Po Industrial Park to provide more space for all its partners to further guide the Chinese women's career. effect.

SHIJIAN Sword is a fashionable element and color elements and modern structure together to highlight a woman's modern beauty.


SHIJIAN sword with the continuous improvement of quality and service to customers Value concessions, the pursuit of the brand and integrity. Adhere to the business philosophy of quality win.

SHIJIAN when the sword

More than just selling clothing, but a brand of culture. A kind of beauty and dignity, so, throughout the sales process, sales to customers is satisfaction, dignity and beauty.

SHIJIAN when the sword

Clothing is characterized by highlighting the unique temperament and charm of women, its design is simple and not extraordinary, suitable for fashion and taste of women wearing, so its suitable consumer age groups span a considerable span. The service is targeted at 25-year-old 40-year-old success of the pursuit of elegant fashion women. Years will leave irresistible marks on women's body shape. Through unique research, ingenious models and lines, Tibetan hodgepodge, emphasis on elegant youth body.

SHIJIAN时剑女装 让女人一如既往的优雅奢华

SHIJIAN when the sword

The product is also very rich, they are free to mix and match with strong.

The company operating sound, have a first-class designers, first-class products; heavy product quality, weight management, re-credibility. Respect for talent and to provide a broad space for development, is the company's employment purposes; the same time, create a harmonious corporate culture and promote humane management.

SHIJIAN when the sword

When the sword brand prized exquisite tailoring skills, and to give it a very modern charm factor, showing the exploration of the United States. Rich levels and contrasting volume changes bring fresh design elements to the classic profile. Rich levels and contrasting volume changes are unforgettable, as always, with elegance and luxury that highlights the evolving fashion trends. Free and easy, with the eternal beauty of the charming, cutting-edge cutting-edge style and irresistible femininity has molded a distinctive style of design.

SHIJIAN Shi Jian brand positioning

Brand style: fashion, leisure, simple, casual, delicate, handsome

Market Positioning: 25-40-year-old urban fashion women, the core positioning for the 28-35 years old

Occupational Positioning: There is a certain economic capacity of fashion white-collar workers, have a unique taste and pursuit of life on the crowd.

Product Positioning: Spring and summer installed in: 169-669, the core price of 300-500 yuan

Autumn and winter installed in: 169-2699, the core price of 600-1000 yuan

Fabric: spring and summer in Korea, Taiwan, the domestic natural, healthy, environmentally friendly cotton, silk these two types of fabrics, autumn and winter to Italy, South Korea, domestic wool, cotton, polyester fiber, chemical fiber (mainly used to produce cotton suits, Down-based, this type of fabric has a cold, warm, waterproof performance) Such fabrics.

Grey Fabrics are eco-friendly, undyed and natural, crease resistant and hard wearing.                

Grey fabrics have too many uses, such as garment draping, clothing, bedding, pocket cloth, canvas for painting or others.

Our factory can produce quality grey fabrics with different width, thickness, colors, grains, component content.

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Grey Fabrics

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