Silk fabric new appearance

Silk fabric is the Shengze Jiaxing two markets in the first half of the main selling products, is a business-friendly production and operation of a large fabric category, the market appears mimic silk fabric mushroomed in the two markets, such products in the The opening of the spring this spring to a new style appearance. Imitation silk fabrics have been fully listed for sale. Judging from current trends, there are the following points: (1) Due to the low temperature, the trading of listed products is postponed than in previous years; (2) The proportion of printing and electro-embroidery fabrics is lower than last year (D), spray weaving made products rapid increase; (d), weaving choice of products, some of the choice of fabrics to the "diversified" composition of the organization, but the vast majority of products are still interwoven polyester FDY yarn As the body, especially 75D, 100D and polyester FDY and POY grid with a large amount of composite wire, as well as polyester / nylon composite yarn interwoven, DTY yarn and spandex coated yarn interwoven, interwoven with cationic yarn, etc.; Flexible and diverse use of technology, printing, Penhua, bubble flower, jacquard cut flowers, bronzing, embroidery and so on. Trend of flower-type fashion, fabric display from the two markets show: to medium and small patterns and streamlined pattern of the majority of brilliant colors, novelty style, thick lines and other large style has been a cold case, the product rarely available . At present, most production and management operators are keen on the second category of artificial silk fabric products, one is the printed gray fabric; the other is the imitation linen fabric, the former sales volume is big, the trend is fierce, fast and the risk is high; the latter is sold steadily and the sales period is long. Make money by innovation, the current market is still a small number of new imitation silk fabrics, the old varieties are still the majority. It is understood that this year by the direct impact of the high price of polyester raw materials, the price of artificial silk fabric positioning certainly higher than last year. However, due to single-jet jet weaving fabrics increased by a large margin, jet weaving strong competitors, fierce competition, puerile, is in for profit.

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