Small and medium-sized textile enterprises "home": Wujiang Textile Technology Center

Small and medium-sized textile enterprises "home": Wujiang Textile Technology Center According to reports, in early December, the Wujiang Textile Science and Technology Center was listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "National SME Public Service Demonstration Platform". Recently, the reporter came to Shengze to interview Wujiang Textile Technology Center.

The center is located in Shengze Textile Science & Technology Pioneering Park. When the reporter went to interview, Yang Bojuan, the general manager, was busy: “The center has newly entered a batch of testing and sample equipment. I am busy with the staff to debug.” Wujiang Textile Technology Center Established in December 2003, it integrates textile R&D, service, training and consulting into a total area of ​​more than 8,200 square meters. As the founder of the platform, Yang Boxuan told reporters with pride: “This comprehensive service platform is ranked high in the province and even in the whole country.”

The goal of the center is to protect the small and medium-sized textile enterprises. As long as the customers have needs, the platform is the “native home” of the company. For the center, the main customers are small and medium-sized enterprises. For these small and medium-sized enterprises, the inspections and services provided by third parties are very important. SMEs do not need to purchase equipment and equipment, and rely on the technical strength of the center to complete product development and product testing. Work and gain industry-leading information.

On a material, the reporter saw that the center has a series of service content: textile new materials, design and research of new technologies, textile design, personalized digital printing process design, raw material testing, textile testing, and publishing of popular trends.

Do you feel more abstract about the above description? Yang Bojuan made a metaphor: “As long as customers take a sample, the center can analyze and make samples and samples; it can analyze the raw materials woven into this cloth, and can also analyze the test data for this cloth.”

The center solves thousands of technical problems for small and medium-sized enterprises each year. The annual technical service volume exceeds 10,000 person-times. Through the center's platform, 27 domestic and foreign experts provide services for enterprises, and provide technical support for the centers and enterprises of a number of scientific research institutes, which effectively solves the company's technical problems and plays an important role in the industrial upgrading of small and medium enterprises.

“The goal of the center is to help small and medium-sized enterprises break through the key technical challenges of the industry and improve the core competitiveness of service customers.” Yang Bojuan said that Wujiang Textile Technology Center has served more than 4,300 textiles in 15 provinces and cities including Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang. SMEs.

As of the end of November this year, the center has provided 28,600 times of comprehensive services for enterprises, and has won 26 qualifications and honors such as the “Five-star Public Service Platform in Jiangsu Province” and “Suzhou Medium and Small Enterprise Technical Service Demonstration Organization”.

In the next step, the center will set up a Suzhou Suzhou Textile Industry Design and Innovation Service Platform to form a large instrument and equipment sharing system for the textile industry in Jiangsu Province.

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