Spokote CEO Wu Shihui: traditional enterprises to enter e-commerce to be clearly defined

April 17 - April 18, sponsored by the Quanzhou City, Quanzhou Economic and Trade Commission, Quanzhou e-commerce center and Global Shoes co-hosted the 2012 China shoes and apparel industry e-commerce summit was held in Quanzhou. The summit with "e-commerce: the driving force for industrial upgrading" as the theme, work together with relevant departments leaders, industry leaders, outstanding shoes and apparel business elite, e-commerce platform representatives and experts and scholars, more than 1,000 people attended the event. The summit aims to explore how to use traditional e-commerce business to promote the better and faster transformation of the footwear industry to achieve escalation and promote the establishment of an industry-specific e-commerce base. Spokto CEO Wu Shihui e-commerce as the field of shoes and apparel industry leaders were invited to attend the summit, and with the zero-shoes CEO Tu Chunrong, Xirui men shoes CEO Huang Yongrun, general manager of Hutaike Zhao Lin jointly discussed how to enter the shoes and apparel industry In the field of e-commerce, SPORTICA shared the experiences and lessons learned in the e-commerce journey to the leaders of the traditional shoes and apparel enterprises present at the same time. Wu Shihui pointed out that the traditional shoes and apparel business into the field of e-commerce must have a clear positioning of the business role, it should be to do the product brand, rather than to do the channel brand. "To make products and services the most important! E-commerce In fact, and offline channels, as traditional shoes and apparel business into the various Internet sales platform, as long as the focus on the product well, the brand image, access to consumer recognition, away from success Not far away. "As a typical industrial electricity supplier, SPORTICA has been focusing on product design and branding, which is also the cornerstone of Spokane's rapid rise on the Internet. Wu Shihui believes that the traditional shoes and apparel business and foreign trade business Spohrud card have their own factories, with independent product development and production advantages, with a complete supply chain basis, into the field of e-commerce, enterprises should play their own advantages to products Capture the hearts of consumers, building brand reputation with word of mouth. At the same time, Wu Shih-hui to Spokane card development course, for example, stressed that in the current stage of e-commerce development, traditional shoes and apparel business into the early stages of e-commerce, can not be rashly independent B2C business, he does not recommend enterprises on the line to build their own B2C website, "this Not only will it cost a lot of promotion expenses, but it will not be easy to enhance customer stickiness and it will be very unfavorable to the development of enterprises. " At the meeting, Wu Shihui put forward the concept of "class life" and obtained unanimous approval from the guests. Wu Shihui said that when consumers are shopping online on the Internet, they still want to obtain the same shopping experience as the "shopping mall" in the offline mall. The self-built B2C website of a business can not possibly produce the product catalog of shopping websites such as Taobao and Paida Complete, and do not have the ability to provide a variety of ancillary services, such as hotels, air tickets, active forums, gang interaction, will eventually lead to the loss of customers. From the current full network of Internet development trend, only the implementation of the entire network marketing strategy, the rational distribution of the Internet sales platform in the minds of consumers to establish a good brand image, in an increasingly fierce e-commerce market gain a seat. It is understood that Spokane card men have completed the entire network marketing layout, and created a precedent for Internet brands to expand offline market. Up to now, SPORTICA has opened more than 40 physical franchise stores nationwide, and the brand influence has been further enhanced.

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