Suede cloth or rebound after

In recent days, China Textile City knit suede market a large amount of increase, the size of the goods to each other, prices have stabilized, turnover fell after the rebound. Some time ago, knitted fabrics due to reasons of high prices, the amount of fabric manufacturers less, the market less thin goods. However, into this week, after all, not far from the end of the year, before the road knitted fabric manufacturers for the year-end capital flow forced by the corresponding price to follow the raw material prices have dropped, while the following suede fabric is still in the application season, temporary market knit FDY, DTY, POY home suede stock launched a rebound, the sales season and then obvious advantages. The main varieties of FDY, DTY, POY 20D / 30D / 68D / 75D filament warp-cut hair "brush plush" promotional batches increased, the asking price cut, the spot has been introduced, the transaction usher in the sprint, . If hundreds of tons of cash transactions in the market more than the amount of packaged transactions, while thousands of meters old customers credit to goods, then more in the factory for shipment. 75D / 100D / 150D household filament weft knitted fabric single-sided "plush", double-sided "plush" additional batch continue to appear, a new single to be reproduced one after another, . Due to "brush plush", "plush" to the goods most of the emergency, before and after busy with the operation, the previous compression-type block packaging, and now more to send Jane to send. At the same time, clothing weft denim fabric with weft cashmere fabric "cashmere" rebound to the goods, with the exception of more than a few hundred meters small batch of repeated transactions, occasional high-volume orders in the factory straight hair.

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