Surging - pink blue autumn 2012 new conference successfully concluded

April 19, Shenzhen "BBLLUUEE pink blue " "BBLLUUEE pink blue wardrobe" women's 2012 autumn and winter new conference was held in Shenzhen Dameisha Seaview Hotel. 500 "BBLLUUEE Powder Blue" and "BBLLUUEE Powder Blue Wardrobe" partners and media guests from all over the country shared the fashion charm of "BBLLUUEE Powder Blue" and "BBLLUUEE Powder Blue Wardrobe"


Color is pink blue language, "BBLLUUEE pink blue" has always been good at using color to convey the classic and elegant product connotation. The "BBLLUUEE pink blue" new release, with warm and soft orange series and elegant peacock blue series co-interpretation of "BBLLUUEE pink blue" autumn and winter of the romantic movement. In addition to orange and peacock blue, 2012 autumn and winter "BBLLUUEE pink blue" also make extensive use of black, white, khaki, army green and other neutral color products classic, subtle unique qualities.


At the same time this conference presented "BBLLUUEE pink blue wardrobe" in the extensive use of khaki, alpaca, dark gray, black, white and other intellectual neutral color at the same time, the integration of green ash, green coffee and other popular color grayscale , And burgundy, orange red as a decorative color, to enhance the visual gradient of products and shops. 2012 autumn and winter, pink blue wardrobe through the coordination of high-quality fabrics and special techniques and cutting, reflecting the urban white-collar women's intellectual yet stylish pursuit of elegant taste.


"BBLLUUEE pink blue", "BBLLUUEE pink blue wardrobe" brand was founded in 2006. Six years of development, in the more than 20 provinces and cities in the country has established 110 outlets, more than 200 franchise stores, as the Shenzhen brand in recent years the rapid development of the representative brand, but also rapidly growing quite well-known Shenzhen famous women's Brand .


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