T-shirt with what best jeans, of course

T-shirts and jeans, are summer essential single product. Although many people are wearing, but the style is not the same, you can simply, wear out of nature; also Chao Chao taste, the interpretation of unique personality. Clothes in different people will have different temperament, so may wish to choose your favorite, wear out of their own style. (Source: Legend of the new spring and summer 2013 jeans) jeans have long been quite popular, whether self-cultivation or straight, the market a variety of styles have a lot of style. Want to wear out their own characteristics, rather than stereotypes, have to work hard on the details. Conical legs shape the leg curve is slim and charming, light-colored washing color more tide texture, adding a bit softer breath, suddenly gave the whole pants not the same style, the United States and the personality. With a deep V-neck T-shirt, casual with sexy taste. (Source: Legend of the spring and summer 2013 denim jeans) washed straight jeans has become a classic of the popular century, adding to do the old style and breach and cat's embellishment, even more unruly style. With a simple light-colored letters printed T-shirt, simple yet handsome.

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