TASAKI Tanabata launched K11 series of new products, Japanese cute style to make love more sweet

Romantic Chinese Valentine's Day Tanabata beautiful quietly approaching, whether you are going to dress up appointment to give him a perfect surprise? Are you fretting about how to prepare the exquisite gift for her? TASAKI launched the new K11 series of jewelery items during the Tanabata festival. It is dedicated to the lively and lovely princess, which makes them enjoy their favorite festivals. K11 is short for Japanese KAWA11 (cute), so the K11 series of products, just like their name, are designed for young girls with a cute and lively collection of treasures. Unique shape of the bracelet, rings, earrings, necklaces ... ... Each section is full of fresh and crisp fashion elements, worn on the body as if jumping a cheerful note, bring young girls endless joy to enjoy. Each cute and beautiful girl deserves to have the most sweet and happy care, whether it is as a temptation to attract his perfect single product or give her a meticulous gift, TASAKI K11 series are first choice, Taste of happiness will be accompanied by TASAKI increasingly strong, the prince and princess fairy tale about to be reality reality. If you also have a soft spot for the TASAKI series of new products, more details can be TASAKI store advice

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PTFE Adhesive With Release Paper

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