The meaning of sending boys necklace

Do you know the meaning of sending a boy necklace? Although a necklace is a very common gift, it has different meanings. What are the meanings of necklaces? The necklace is the closest place to the centrifuge. Therefore, sending a boy necklace is to hope that you can hold you tightly. You are the only one in your heart.

The meaning of sending boys necklace

In fact, the meaning of sending a necklace has existed since ancient times. Necklaces are the evolution of the custom of “grabbing marriage”, and the necklace is derived from the transition period from the matriarchal clan to the paternal clan. At that time, human survival was gradually dominated by hunting and planting. Men were economically dominant and private ideas began to emerge. This led to the retreat of women from the core status of the clan and became a vassal of men. In the clan or tribal war, the winners took the women of the other tribe as trophies. To prevent them from escaping, they used a chain or rope to tie their necks and hands.

Later, the meaning of sending necklaces gradually evolved into the custom of some places, that is, when men and women formally get married, the woman is taken to the man's side in a "grab" manner, and the metal ornaments are placed on the woman's neck or hands. To show restraint. Nowadays, the marriage has long been eliminated, but in order to prevent the woman from escaping, the chain has evolved into an ornament made of gold, silver and jewellery, becoming today's necklace (collar) and bracelet (bracelet). There are similar stories in Greek mythology, which also means "binding" in Greek mythology, which is why a famous novel by Maupassant is named "Necklace".

Therefore, if there is a boy to send you a necklace, you must know the meaning of sending a necklace, that is, the first is very like, the second wants to hold you, the third wants to accompany you. If you are a boy you like, then you understand the meaning of the necklace, you must also respond bravely. I also hope that the boys, but also know the meaning of sending a necklace, because the necklace is not sent.

After understanding the meaning of sending boys necklaces, you should never send them in order to avoid misunderstandings of the boys you know. If you have a favorite object and are embarrassed to tell her, then send her a necklace.

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