The second set of ***2 rose to 2800 yuan

The second set of ***2 rose to 2800 yuan In 2011, the banknote collection market, like the stock market, was full of expectations but was disappointed again and again. The fourth collection of *** collections showed a trend of falling straight down.

According to a surnamed Chen boss inside the vertical postal currency card transaction market, the start of the fourth set of *** can be traced back to the end of 2008. In 3 years or so, the 1980 version of the 2 yuan rose from the original 6 yuan. It was about 80 yuan six months ago, but it has now dropped to about 40 yuan, "the price is almost lumbago." The 1980 version of the 50 yuan also fell from 3,000 yuan to the current 1800 yuan.

The surnamed Chen said that many investors believe that the paper currency market will only go up, but in fact, many investors are also facing the risk of “disapproval” when they make a big splash in the collection market. “This is actually not much worse than the stock market.” .

While the fourth set of people’s prices fell sharply, the prices of the first three sets of *** remained firm. The 1st and 2nd corners of the second set of *** have risen from about 180 yuan and 800 yuan respectively since last year to about 700 yuan and 2,800 yuan respectively. Currently on the market, the first and second sets of *** are already scarce, and the third set of small sets is priced at about 3150 yuan.

Experts in the industry said that the fourth set of *** collection prices has fallen sharply, which is not unrelated to the previous skyrocketing and speculators’ funding. Previously, investors in the new market were very crazy, basically buying the whole knife, which reflected the original pattern of monetary easing and hot money speculation.

However, after the recent outbreak of capital outbreaks in some parts of the country, the market began to appear a large number of the fourth set of *** collections, “disposal boom,” coupled with a combination of factors such as increased inventory, resulting in the fourth set of *** market “ Can't hold."

Collection tips Since 2011, the "leader" third set of *** to the banknote collection market has brought wave after wave of good market, if not the fourth set of *** mixing, banknote collection or will be staged crazy situation.

According to industry experts, the third set of *** was officially withdrawn from circulation from 1962 to 2000, and it circulated for nearly 40 years. Due to its large amount of consumption, it was able to survive in the world and was well preserved. The third set of *** has a higher appreciation space.

In addition, the "threshold" set in the first and second sets of *** collections is relatively high, and the required capital is relatively high. However, in addition to a small number of precious currencies, the third set of *** is about 4 digits, which facilitates the common general class to intervene in the collection.

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