The United States and Nuoyi women's brands alone dominate urban femininity

Eclectic mix of colors and a variety of silhouette make the interpretation of a more light dress style, it is a must for business women in the workplace dress.


Shenzhen, the United States Nuoyi Clothing Co., Ltd, is set clothing design, production, export in one of the apparel business. Shenzhen Meinoyi Garment Co., Ltd. has perfect brand management mode, clear strategic objectives, high cohesion team, with comprehensive technology, sophisticated equipment, a sound marketing network and modern information support as the backing, is committed to the development of high Quality of urban fashion women's wear , China, Asia and the global apparel retail market to provide quality products and services, through continuous and comprehensive marketing and brand management to expand apparel franchise chain management of a full range of business.

美诺伊女装品牌 独领都市女性风骚

In 2010, MIRROSY, a domestic brand owned by the company, was strongly promoted in mainland China and planned to develop more than 100 brand chain stores in first, second and third tier cities in three years and will surely create new glories in the next few years.
The MIRROSY brand blends Parisian design with Korean fashion elements to create a stylish, elegant and contemporary 25- to 40-year-old modern urban woman, using a pure, elegant natural color with a subtle, Fabric, with an informal three-dimensional cutting style to wash the lines, the unique details of the deal, emphasizing the perfect form and effect of the perfect unity, to convey a vivid and simple, elegant style of design concepts, creative ideas to the concept of interpretation to Style Leads to Express the Wise, Beautiful Side of Urban Women ••••••
In the details of the design, choice of fabric, style shaping are relentless pursuit of perfection, are based on elegant fashion, the feminine elements into the design, and through a variety of techniques, different techniques and texture to make the style more gentle , Full of feminine temperament, reflecting the elegance of women and taste.

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