The way of network marketing and traditional marketing integration

[China Glass Network] The complete marketing should be the integration process of traditional marketing and network marketing. This is because: First, the Internet as an emerging virtual market, it covers only a certain part of the entire market. Second, the Internet as an effective channel has its own characteristics, but due to the different lifestyles of Internet users, some people may not accept or use new ways of communication. Third, consumers have personal preferences and habits in information communication. Fourth, the goal of marketing is people, so the unique affinity of traditional people-oriented marketing strategies is irreplaceable.

The better integration of network marketing and traditional marketing is: when marketing, the company divides the market according to the business objectives of the enterprise, and uses the integrated marketing strategy to achieve consumer-centric communication and two-way communication to achieve the marketing goals of the enterprise. In order to achieve the purpose of network marketing and traditional marketing integration, we need to pay attention to the following points in practice.

1. Integration of customer concepts in online marketing

A customer in traditional marketing refers to an individual or organization directly related to the purchase and consumption of the product. In online marketing, this kind of customer is still a more important customer of the company. The customers facing online marketing are not much different from the customers facing traditional marketing. But on the Internet, facing millions of sites around the world, each online consumer can only browse a few of them based on their interests. The application of search engines can greatly save consumers' time and effort. Therefore, since the previous batch of search engines was put into commercial operation, network users have risen sharply. As search engines become the special customers of enterprises engaged in network marketing, enterprises should not only study online customers and their behavior rules, but also study computer behaviors and master the search rules of various search engines when designing advertisements or publishing online information. Based on the network era, the target market, customer form, and product types will be very different from the previous ones. How to recreate customer relationships across regions, cultures, and time and space gaps will require many innovative marketing strategies and means.

2. Integration of product concepts in online marketing
The complete product consists of core products, formal products and additional products, which is the concept of the overall product. On the one hand, network marketing inherits the concept of the above-mentioned overall product, on the other hand, it pays more attention to and relies on information to guide consumer behavior, thus expanding the definition of products, that is, products are provided to the market to attract attention, demand and consumption. s things. Network marketing further refines the composition of the overall product – it uses five levels to describe the composition of the overall product: core products, general products, desired products, expanded products and potential products.

3. Integration of marketing mix in online marketing

In the online marketing process, the concept of marketing mix will vary depending on the nature of the product. For intellectual products, companies can complete their sales process online. In this case, the marketing mix has changed a lot.

(1) The products, channels and promotions in the traditional marketing mix 4P have been completely electronic and dematerialized due to the reliance on the traditional material carrier. Therefore, in terms of knowledge products, products, channels and promotions in online marketing are electronic information, and the dividing line between them has become quite vague. It can be said that if you do not interact with electronic information as a channel and promotion, you will not be able to access or get the product.

(2) The price is no longer based on production costs, but on the value of the product that the customer is aware of.

(3) The customer's choice of products and estimation of value are largely influenced by online promotions.

(4) Because online customers generally have the characteristics of high knowledge, high quality, and high income, the knowledge and information content of online promotion is greatly improved compared with traditional promotion. For tangible products and certain services, although they cannot be delivered electronically, they can use the Internet to complete information flow and business flow during marketing. In this case, the traditional marketing mix has not changed, and the price is determined by the cost of production and the perceived value of the customer. The information flow and business flow in the promotion and channel are replaced by controllable online information. The logistics in the channel can optimize the speed, process and cost, and the number of middlemen is greatly reduced or even redundant.

4. Enterprise organization integrating network marketing

Network marketing has driven the development of corporate philosophy, and has also driven the development of intranets, forming a situation in which internal and external communication and management of enterprises use the network as the main channel and information source. The reduction of sales department personnel, the reduction and flattening of sales organization level, the decrease of the number of distribution agents and outlets, the shortening of channels, the prevalence of internal and external organizations such as virtual dealers, virtual stores, and virtual departments have all contributed to the organization. There is an urgent need for reengineering. In the process of enterprise organization reengineering, the sales department will develop an online marketing management organization responsible for network marketing and coordination with other departments of the company. The agency's primary responsibility is to resolve online questions, answer new product developments, and provide online customer service. At the same time, the rise of corporate intranets will change the way companies operate and the quality of their employees. At the time of the network marketing era, it is very important to form a corporate organization that suits it.

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