The world's most famous 3 evil diamonds (Figure)

According to statistics, for every 100,000 gem-quality diamonds produced, one color diamond may appear, with a probability of only one in 100,000. And the pink, green, golden and other diamonds shine with extraordinary brilliance and become more precious and rare, regardless of the times, regardless of national boundaries, dumping all people.

Harvey Harris, a color diamond expert, wrote in 1990 that since humans have valued the value of scarcity, so many people have never seen such a high price on such a small item. Daxus said that this little item, no less than the star of the night sky, deeply captured the hearts of thousands of people who pursue the ultimate beauty. Today, I will tell you about the famous colored diamonds that have left no glory in history.

Weird "Drill of Hope"

There is a metaphysical view that those precious jewels and diamonds, because of their worth, are always accompanied by death and conspiracy. They are ominous objects covered with blood. The Frenchman Tavimir has found a blue giant found in southern India. After the diamonds were brought back to France, unclear things followed, and the owners who had owned them died in succession, and their twists and turns were enough to write a novel.

After the vicissitudes of the French Revolution, this blue diamond was stolen in the French treasury in 1792. After being re-cut once, it was re-emerged in the London jewelry market in 1830. In 1911, it drifted to the United States and was taken by McLaren, the head of Washington Post. Someone told Mrs. McLean that "Hope" is a diamond that would bring bad luck. Mrs. McLean did not take it for granted. She often wears this drill to show her wealth. In the second year of the blue diamonds entering the McLaren family, their son was killed in a car accident, Mr. McLean and his daughter died, and Mrs. McLaren died in loneliness in 1947. In 1958, American jeweler Winston bought the entire jewelry heritage of Mrs. McLean and became the new owner of Blue Diamond's "Hope". The miracle happened, the Winston family was not only safe, the jewelry business became exceptionally good, and later developed into the world famous diamond brand "Harry Winston". Later, Mr. Winston donated the "Hope" diamond to the country, now at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. Since then, the "hope" diamond has stopped working for hundreds of years.

Sleeping 300 years of "Wittelsbach"

In 2009, Laurence Graff, a billionaire diamond company known as the “Diamond King”, won a record-breaking $24.3 million worth of precious blue diamonds with 300 years of European royal history. This market's rare blue diamond is the illustrious 17th-century "Wittelsbach" diamond, weighing 35.56 carats, both in terms of color and clarity, and is worthy of the name "Hope".

There are rules for famous drills, that is, multiple changes to the owner. Few people can hold it all the time. In 1664, the Spanish King Philip VI gave his daughter, Fang Fang 15, when his daughter Margareta Teresa married the Austrian emperor Leopold I. In 1720, the diamond was passed to the Austrian Princess Maria Amalia who married the Bavarian Prince Charles Albert. Wittelsbach is the surname of the Bavarian Prince Charles Albert family. When the country became a republic in 1931, the Wittelsbach diamond was auctioned together with other jewels in the Bavarian crown.

Born in mysterious "Dresden"

Around 1743, Augusta spent 60,000 lifts (about 9,000 pounds) to buy a pear-shaped natural green diamond weighing 41 carats. The diamond texture is pure and flawless. It is said that it is produced in the famous diamond producing area. Golconda, India. In the 18th century, he came to Europe and walked between the royal courts in the 18th century German court. At that time, the imperial concubine of Dresden, Germany, had the ultimate love for this green diamond, just to show that the diamond even decorated a number of green exhibition halls in the palace.

The huge green diamond was named after the "Dresden Green Diamond" in the Trelleston Treasury in Germany. After the Second World War, the "Dresden" green diamond was shipped to Moscow. After a period of vain life, it was returned in 1958. The “Dresden” green diamond is a representative of green diamonds and is often considered a sister piece of “hope” diamonds, whose value is difficult to measure.

Although the weight of 41 carats is not the largest diamond, it is the largest green diamond in the world that no one can surpass because of its extremely rare green.

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