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Changeshe ( Qian Xi ) brand was founded in 1999 to emphasize the popularity of the era of personal charm, unique cultural values, advocating stars, the trend of consumer groups in the high-end women's market is unique, the designer team from the famous French designers and excellent Chinese Designers together to the fastest speed of the international advanced design concepts, the latest technology fabrics, fashion elements into the product, the gradual localization of international brands, the real adaptation to the needs of the Chinese market. Ten thousand fine from 2007 won the ten new cutting-edge brand award under the premise of once again won the top ten brand style awards.

千细 - changeshe

changeshe, emphasizing personal charisma for the fashion era of women's clothing brand . She insisted on clothing in addition to meet the needs of the changing seasons, but also present the most important symbol of personal style. Let women in different occasions show their own charm, interpretation of self-style, fresh every day. For the modern women gradually autonomy, to guide women to meet their own desires, change themselves and life, reveals the qualities of urban women's self-confidence personality.


Emphasizing the popularity of the era of personal charm, reflecting the changing nature of women, there are different sides, fresh every day, people refreshing satisfaction, in order to transform the fashion is the art of living.

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