Three Point Water Taizhou flagship store opened to set sales experience training as one

Recently, the three-point water children's clothing Taizhou flagship store grand opening. Located in the prosperous business district of Taizhou City, the store is a specialty store integrating consumer experience, image building, sales and training.

Recently, the three-point water children's clothing Taizhou flagship store grand opening.

Sanshui Taizhou Flagship Store is a boutique that integrates consumer experience, image building, sales and training. The store is located in the bustling business district of Taizhou. The decoration is beautiful, the environment is elegant and comfortable, and the products are abundant. It is a brand image for Sanshui. The shaping of communication, brand culture and corporate culture has played an important role.

During this period of opening, many special promotions were also launched in the store, which was well received by friends and customers.

Since its introduction to the National Investment Promotion Center in 2008, Sanshuishui Children's Wear has adopted the concept of “healthy, low-carbon” apparel. It closely follows the fashion trends at home and abroad, and is highly recognized and trusted by franchisees and consumers everywhere. Festival rose.

The person in charge of Sanshui Children's Wear said that the establishment of this flagship store will promote the optimization of the image, scale and quantity of sales outlets in Jiangsu, and it will also help the company develop more quickly, healthily and continuously.

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Three points of water won the "Wenzhou City garment industry decision-making consulting unit" title

In October 2012, the Wenzhou Garment Merchants Association expressed its encouragement for the three points of water children's clothing that made positive contributions in the industry statistical investigation and study, and awarded it with the honorary title of "Wenzhou City Garment Industry Decision-making Consultation Unit" and awarded the letter of appointment.

The three points of water children's wear will continue to support the Chamber of Commerce's investigation and research work, providing first-hand data and information materials for the Chamber of Commerce to understand the industry development trends, trends and problems.

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