To bikini lingerie set off vividly charming

To than like dress, is committed to the development of boutique lingerie business, specializing in high-grade sexy lingerie design, manufacture, marketing in one of the apparel company.
The company's designer team Smart and very creative, with many years of underwear design experience, to create a remarkable classic lingerie products, fashion tailoring, superb craftsmanship, superior taste, comfortable and elegant fabrics, become the industry's only High-grade sexy lingerie brand . And then by the perfect embodiment of the Russian world famous model, to bikinis lingerie products to the extreme.


Pink soft yarn small underwear, chest three-dimensional cup design, said thin cotton, a good shape of the chest type; cup edge inlaid with laminated gauze, a better set off the charm of the chest, charming and soft, sexy and attractive; skirt pink Slim soft yarn, gently around the beautiful body, to give you the most intimate care, delicate soft pink, the feminine flirtation set off most vividly; skirt at the bottom of the mosaic of the same laminated lace gauze, as beautiful flowers in full bloom ; Soft style set off from the Iraqis such as water-like lotus tenderness ...


In order to praise like lingerie Product Positioning: Main trendy lingerie series, supply direct supply of lingerie boutique and international fashion pop, high-end price in the appeal of the brand line to meet the full price of consumer demand for high quality fashion fun series Underwear needs, it is well suited to the current market demand, the development prospects are very good.
People-oriented product design, sexy without losing the fun, material comfort. --- Age group of products in the age of 18 to 40 years old in China, the age group of 500 million, of which 50 million consumer groups.

PVC Coated Fabric is made from high strength polyester material with both sides coated.

In general, this fabric is used on Truck Cover, cargo cover, Boat Cover , Hay Cover , Trailer Cover, etc..

truck cover


1. High strength, high density

2. Fire/corrosion/UV resistant, water resistant, dust resistant

3. Shrink proof, rot proof

4. Mould and mildew resistant, tear resistant

5. Long lasting, sunshade protect, wind protection

6. Anti-fungal, anti-osimosis, antistripping

You can choose any color and max in roll size is 5m, the general weight is 200gsm to 2000gsm.

According to different quality of PVC tarpaulin, lifespan is 3 to 5 years.


Truck Fabric

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