To tide sports actress fun 2012 summer popular compulsory courses

Leading Word: Sports style is one of the important keywords of fashion trends in this summer 2012. The versatile sports elements make you more personalized, combined with fashion and sports, star model Xiaobian recommended, let you dress up sports wave people.

至潮运动风 女星玩转2012夏季流行必修课(图1)

Diverse leisure camp

Representative brands: Lacoste, Diesel Black Gold

One said that the so-called casual style can almost include all the brands on the T stage, in addition to the comfort, "upgraded version" is only equipped with "æ‹— shape" characteristics have gradually become the "standard" for most brands. The old Lacoste season has been getting younger and younger. Not only does it have a big change in color, it is consciously added to the retro elements, and a variety of color patches make the wearer's appearance more varied and more revealing. More personalized complexes.

Diesel Black Gold, which has always been branded as “sports fashion”, utilizes mix and match as the basic technique. Sports-style shorts are decorated with metal elements. Military uniform colors just match the tough white shirts with a bold and feminine image. And neat.

至潮运动风 女星玩转2012夏季流行必修课(图2)

Left: Diane Kruger Right: Ali Lohan

Diane Kruger wearing a contrast sports skirt with pure sports lineage LACOSTE, dynamic and casual, hit the details of the color design so that sports skirts soared. The Olympics are in sight, but they are not yet ready to move with their vibrant, fashionable outfits!

The bright orange color is the representative color of vitality. Using it as the main theme is the best choice for creating a sports sense. The contrasting colors at the light blue and yellow details make the T-shirt more and more vibrant, with relatively low-key khaki hot pants. , Slender white legs will let you become a sports stadium or urban street "spotlight!"

至潮运动风 女星玩转2012夏季流行必修课(图3)

Left: Kate Bosworth Right: Ashley Greene

Mi Zi and Stars and Stripes Printing T has always been an inexhaustible source of designer inspiration. The flag printing of individuality has been pioneering for the pioneering people in the 1980s in pursuit of the liberation of independence. The national flag printing is full of people’s internal claims of individuality, independence and freedom, and it is a fashion spokesperson for street culture. With hole jeans or tannin hot pants, metal accessories, cool street rock girl let you enjoy the publicity this summer.

至潮运动风 女星玩转2012夏季流行必修课(图4)

The year of the Olympics has brought the sports winds to the table. This season's show has brought sports crazes to the field. Simple and casual sports items illuminate your sporting elements. Whether you're fresh or modern, a pair of tough basketball shoes will make you temperament. Extraordinary, with handsome sunglasses, more highlights the fashion personality.

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Basic distinction of mink grades
To talk about Now, 90% of the mink raw materials are produced in Denmark and Finland.
Most of them, about 10% of which come from the United States and other countries in North America, and most of them are artificially bred, the real natural wild mink is probably unique. Mink is a small precious fur animal belonging to mammals, carnivores, and ferrets in animal taxonomy. In the wild, there are two species of American mink and European mink. At present, mink garments are reared artificially all over the world. 99% of the mink garments we see are reared artificially. The advantage of artificial rearing is that the mink skins are seldom disabled. The average size, thickness, fur distribution and color difference are small after the mink skins are ripe. In addition, there is a significant difference between fur of female mink and female mink. The fur of male mink is large and rich, which makes it weighty to wear. The female mink is softer and lighter to wear, and uses more. Female minks have narrow and small fur, short fur, dense and light hair, young and glossy fur, and their products are more precious because of the small amount of fur sheets. As for the better kind of male and female mink, generally speaking, it is still a grade difference, but it still needs to be chosen according to the preference and design of the buyer. There are about 15 natural colors of mink skin, among which the most popular are: this Black Mink skin, brown-brown mink skin, brown-black mink skin, brown-black mink skin, silver-gray mink skin, pearl mink skin, White Mink skin, black cross mink skin (with a cross pattern on the back hair).

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