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Transparent underwear, when you see this word, you blush it? Yes, and do not ask transparent underwear is what the light of "transparent" two words will make people breathless, to explore transparent underwear, just like a set foot Adventure journey, full of mystery and endless reverie. Transparent underwear is the most special of all underwear, she is like a Chan wing, so that you seem to be able to feel, but also seems elusive. She did not adjust the body shaping effect of underwear, do not have gathers the effect of gather-type underwear, bras in front of her will be shy, underwear bra will be sad in front of her. Everything has its two sides, do not put transparent underwear on the "debauchery, pornography, a derogatory" notorious, it will not appear in public places, but also reluctant to show up at beach parties, she has her own personality and position. Transparent underwear with tulle or mesh material, so that the original clear at a glance the loveliness of the atmosphere, full of mysterious temptation, it is such a feature, destined to become transparent Cupid Cupid arrows, hunting couples and couples specifically for their love The traditional craft, the transparent underwear is mainly made of transparent sand mesh fabric, the general use of materials are nylon mesh or polyester mesh two, the use of different sizes, thickness, pattern of mesh fabric, with the stylish Designed to show feminine curves and mystique through underwear. The following let the romantic season underwear for you to analyze the characteristics of these two fabrics. Scientific name polyamide fiber, polyamide fiber is produced in China collectively, internationally known as nylon. Polyamide moisture absorption and dyeing better than polyester, alkali and not acid, the long-term exposure to sunlight, the fiber strength will decline. Nylon heat setting characteristics, can maintain the heating deformation formed when bending. Nylon fabric elasticity and flexibility restorability is excellent, but easy to deform under small external force, so the fabric in the process of wearing easily crease. Poor ventilation, easy to produce static electricity. Polyamide fabric hygroscopicity in the synthetic fabric is a better variety, so the clothes made of nylon than polyester clothing to wear more comfortable. Good resistance to decay, corrosion resistance. Heat and light fastness are not good enough, in the use of the process of wearing should pay attention to washing and maintenance conditions, so as not to damage the fabric. Nylon fabric is a light fabric, only listed in the synthetic fiber fabric polypropylene, acrylic fabric, therefore, suitable for making mountaineering suits, winter clothing and so on. Polyester Fabric: Polyester is an important variety of synthetic fibers, is the name of polyester fiber in China. Polyester is very versatile and is used extensively in the manufacture of clothing fabrics and industrial products. Polyester has very good setting properties. Polyester yarn or fabric after shaping generated by the flat, fluffy form or pleat, etc., in use by repeated washing, still durable. Because of its low hygroscopicity, its wet strength and dry strength are basically the same. Elastic close to the wool, when the elongation of 5% to 6%, almost completely restored. Wrinkle resistance than other fibers, the fabric does not wrinkle, good dimensional stability. Polyester surface is smooth, the internal molecules arranged closely, lack of hydrophilic structure between molecules, so the moisture regain is very small, poor hygroscopicity. Second only to wear-resistant nylon wear the best, more than any other natural fibers and synthetic fibers are good. Lightfastness second only to nitrile, poor dyeing. Nylon and Polyester are the traditional underwear manufacturing industry to use more fabrics, but in summary, its hygroscopicity is not ideal moisture absorption, dyeing and high temperature resistance is not stable. Romantic season lingerie to recommend to you in recent years, newly developed milk protein fiber. Milk protein fiber: Let care more close to the romantic season Underwear with the most environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly milk protein fiber material, his quality indicators comparable to cashmere. Milk protein fiber has the top comfort, hygroscopic moisture absorption and endothermic sex become the material of choice for underwear material. Impeccable comfort Milk protein fiber has a cashmere-like feel, however, its monofilament fineness, lighter weight, elongation at break, curl elasticity, curl recovery rate closest to cashmere and wool, fiber bulky soft touch Such as cashmere-like soft, comfortable, slippery waxy; white fiber, with silk-like natural luster, elegant appearance, anti-sun fastness, anti-perspiration fastness of 3 to 4. Immaculate hygroscopic moisture-permeable milk protein fiber cross-section of the irregular round, full of gaps in the cross-section, there are many longitudinal grooves, protein molecules distributed in the fiber surface, containing natural protein moisturizing factor and a large number of hydrophilic groups can be quickly Absorption of human sweat, quickly into the air through the trench distribution, the skin remains dry state, anti-fluff, pilling up to 3 to 4. Transparent smooth endothermic exothermic fiber Three-dimensional multi-gap porous structure and longitudinal surface of the groove structure determines the fiber warm winter and cool characteristics: the summer made of light fabric, can quickly absorb the skin exudes moisture sweat, And quickly spread to the air, to keep the skin dry and breathable; winter made of thick fabric, micropores absorbed into the body of the heat, effectively blocking the air circulation, to prevent cold air intrusion, light warm. In addition, milk protein fiber also has some other properties, such as dyeing at room temperature and pressure, bright colors, soft and shiny, high dye-up rate, color fastness of 4 or more, still maintain the original performance of the product after dyeing, with High security; Natural antibacterial function than wool, cashmere mildew moth, high strength, durable wash, easy storage; easy to dry after washing, washing can still maintain the permanent performance of the product. These are for the romantic season underwear into other elements and the use of the durability laid a solid foundation.

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