Underfoot fashion winter shoes popular models recommended

Ben Wang, December 13 hearing, in the thick winter clothes wrapped in everyone's winter, at first glance, the main color black and gray, how to love beautiful crush how to catch the eye of others? footsteps will take you away After a long autumn and winter, he entered the spring with a brisk, graceful, confident pace. Comfortable leather boots, modern temperament, "hate high heavens," warm snow boots, and all kinds of exotic and exotic designs, are you already paying attention? Let's take a look at popular females in autumn and winter. Shoes offer more choices and are more beautiful.

Rivet decoration

To challenge the rock and roll punk style in autumn and winter, start from this pair! Whether it is a sweet dress or a LOOK in college atmosphere, the riveted shoes can be multiplied by the bonus effect. Bringing ROCK feeling from the small details is Focus this season!

Splicing design

Let global fashion fall into madness is this - stitching design shoes, shiny metal toe design is the first choice, so that the feet become more fresh, two-color stitching also makes the overall look more lively, repeated wear every day is also very Easy to match multiple styles.


Not only put on boots, boots with increased height, or heel section is this year's attention, autumn and winter necessary practical section to create a slender proportion of POINT!

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