Underwear, a woman should not wear it to sleep?

Little America , underwear will cause harm to the body ah?

Small beauty , wearing underwear to sleep will not make the chest even more beautiful ah?

Little America , underwear is not directly thrown into the washing machine to wash ah?

Little America , underwear a week wash just right?

There are all kinds of questions about underwear things? Does it feel a bit hold up?


Find a small beautiful right!

Today, the United States decided to send a little power, the knowledge of underwear sent, we can learn well, be a healthy woman in the United States and the United States yo!

First, let's be clear about these issues one by one:

Some people say: underwear will cause harm to the body? I am afraid of!

Mel said: This is a common problem to make a woman worried, in fact, this very tense rhetoric began in 1991, the study found that low-risk breast cancer in women who do not wear underwear underwear suffer than women, even if the original were The researchers believe this is due to the contact with the underwear, not because of the underwear itself is caused, they believe that tight underwear oppression of the breast caused by the accumulation of toxins is not easy to release, but there is no scientific justification to support this statement.


Do I have to wear underwear at bedtime?

Some people think that to wear underwear to sleep at night can prevent the chest sagging, to maintain the perfect chest type; while others are on the go home can not wait to take the inside off.

Sorry for the small US said: the choice of the former female friends let you down, because wearing underwear when sleeping not only will not effectively prevent sagging breasts, but also bring more uncomfortable feeling!


I want to throw underwear directly to the washing machine!

Little America said: washing the best choice for underwear is hand wash , washing machine tough rotation will undermine the flexibility of the underwear may also lead to deformation of the ring.

If you really do not have time or laziness do not want to hand wash, please remember to put underwear into the laundry bag, or underwear may be after these ravages can no longer wear.


Underwear to wash once a week like?

Small beautiful said: Our body fat and dirt secretion, long-term impact on the flexibility of underwear, so the underwear will be replaced in time to wash, of course, buy a few more underwear to wear instead.


Little America reminds: Underwear is not only a woman's inner beauty is a woman's second life, it can not only show our own taste and confidence, but also help us shape the perfect body.

In addition to pick your favorite style, some tips on underwear is also very important.

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