Warmly celebrate the card Emperor Hawk brand men's Wenzhou Pingyang new store opened

Card Emperor Hawk Men's brand recently opened in Wenzhou Pingyang new stores, during the opening, we will be rich products and sincere service repay the majority of new and old customers and sincerely look forward to your arrival! The establishment of the kadty brand is actually the complete and the combination of wearing concept. The company retains the original product advocating free, casual, innovative fashion elements of the fabric style, more of his series of application tailoring, buttons, zippers, embroidery, printing and other details of the elements to make the product reflects the fashion without publicity, popular and not with. kendiay is responsible for another important product style. He advocates the eternal and classic atmosphere of the mainstream style, more products in the use of some popular fabrics and fashion art to interpret the classic men's style, the atmosphere reflects the old, simple but not simple kendiay to join the urban male life The other side of the supplement is very complete and full, with a Hong Kong ad ad: "kadty achievements of men every second", you can clearly see the combination of kendiay and kadty kadty brand from the original single "ka" type Style really leads to "perfect every second" on the road. That is, the urban office gentleman with gentleman temperament through two series of kadty: urban street holidays and urban business wear interwoven with each other, these young gentlemen dressed every second for any occasion like a star-like fashion, self-confidence and shine. kendiay rigorous attitude to life, seriousness of the details, the classic heritage, the commitment to abide by these are kadty clothing brand concept raised to this young generation growth requirements and hopes. Therefore, Kadty initially targeted young men aged 20-35 as a design target. The products are subject to the urban development culture and are rapidly favored by consumers in recent years. They have successively opened hundreds of shops in the country.

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