Warmly celebrate the very Story "Zhangye shop in Gansu" new store opened

"Story of the very" brand to "young fashion - amazing girl" as the main design, the designer's pen, each dress to bring women's happiness and consumer delight. Not only because of the novel design of novel costumes, but also because of the quality, fabric, craftsmanship and reasonable price, can make customers from the visual, sensory and psychological all-round enjoyment. Today, "Gansu Zhangye shop," the new store opened, Xiaobian Li Xiaobian celebrate the opening ceremony, thriving business.


Gansu Zhangye shop


Special design for hoodies:we have various kinds of new fashion design for this hoodies.Loose Hoodies,slim hoodies or hoodies jacket,which styles u like ,u can tell us,we will tell u fabric content,and other details u would like to learn ,we have styles for solid color and printed,if u like other colors or have other design,please tell us and send us ur draft,we will according to ur requirements to do well.

Special Design For Hoodie

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