Wei Chen and You You couple lovers clothing brand cooperation between the new album to create a brand new image

Popular idol entertainer, You You couple lovers apparel brand spokesperson Wei Chen, will launch a new album on the 21st press conference, the first wave of hit songs "do everything possible", the song topped the list of major sites in the forefront of the song list. In the audience crazy click audition, only 10 hours to break through the million, set a record. "Do everything possible" strong songs of music, wake up the ears of the audience, in order to better express Wei Chen's growth after the metamorphosis, Wei Chen with a handsome arc of the sidelines to attract public attention, with the tide male style, highlighting the grown-up Wei Chen's maturity. Wei Chen as a lover couple lovers apparel brand new season advertising (Figure) Wei Chen some time ago is still time to go to Humen, Dongguan for their endorsement of lover couple lovers clothing brand shooting the latest season advertising. Wei Chen and Youyou couple apparel brands have been cooperating for two years, and the cooperation is very happy, due to the good market response, making Wei You endorsement of friends lovers popular swept across the country, coupled with the launch of a new album, the popularity is rising.

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