What are the auspicious crystals suitable for children? The welfare of parents is coming!


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Baby is the most beloved and most protected baby of all parents. Many parents like to wear some mascots such as long life locks and bracelets on their babies. Natural crystals have also become popular with mascots that parents wear for their babies. What kind of protection can natural crystal wear bring to your baby? What are the crystals suitable for your baby? Xiaobian announced for everyone, parents are blessed!


Crystal has the function of expanding energy. How to correctly wear crystal for baby can be distinguished in the baby's birth season, such as baby born in autumn and winter, because the information of chill in life is relatively heavy, so it may be effective to use red crystal with warm color. Help the baby to resist the cold, red crystal will be very helpful to the baby born in autumn and winter according to the baby's body temperature with the release of heat. Baby born in spring and summer, the information of warmth in life is relatively heavy, so it is also possible to use cool white crystal, which can effectively help the baby to remove moisture and prevent colds and fever, which is very helpful for the baby born in spring and summer.


The healthy growth of the baby is the most concerned thing for parents. Natural crystal not only can effectively prevent the baby from fighting the evil invasion, but also choose a crystal for your baby's healthy growth.



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