What popular what to wear comfortable wide leg pants out of the goddess range

This site September 15 hearing, what is the most popular recently? Of course, a strong return to the last century wide leg pants. They are loose and have long legs. They are the most important items for sisters to take to the streets. Picking a sleek, simple wide-leg trousers not only looks neat, highlights the gas field, but also allows you to easily walk out of the street and make you a goddess. Let's follow the following influx of people to learn the combination of wide leg pants.

Simple jumpsuit wide leg pants, youthful fashion style, very comfortable to wear, with a fringed edge of the top decoration design, very high-grade texture, catch a white vest and flat shoes, so that the overall shape is unique and casual.

Very light and loose wide-leg pants, waist highlights with a bow, very fan, elegant material, upper body with a perspective checkered blouse, to create a concise LOOK feminine.

The wide-leg pants with perfect pattern and color, but the drape version, it is slim and slim, to the length of the ankle, and it is suitable to wear flat sandals. The upper body is topped with a short top, clean and sexy .

Very light and comfortable wide leg pants, full vertical sense, very comfortable to wear, high waist design, button details on both sides of the design highlights, the upper body with a feminine blouse, and then put on high heels, showing neat fashion charm.

Wearing a very light and comfortable wide-leg pants, very versatile, moderately loose version, very comfortable to wear, the design of the hidden stripe highlights, not monotonous, and the basic sleeveless shirt together, it is simple and generous.

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