Women's Day underwear brand how to move?

Editor's note: The purchase is polite: Non-members who go to the store to buy a full-length golden show products at least 168 yuan to send a beautiful gift box packaging of women's underwear two. Members are polite: In addition to the members to shop to continue to enjoy the 8.8 fold discount, the purchase of gold figure show products over 168 yuan to send beautiful gift box packaging of women's underwear.

From the annual March 8th International Women’s Day (the smart business has been renamed “Women’s Day”), it has been less than a week left. Careful female consumers are not difficult to find on the official website of major brands. , has begun to stage a brand battle without smoke, how to attract more female consumers in this prime time attention, promotion, preferential means to become an important issue in the underwear brand last year to study, how to make decisions Success or failure.

Lancome's 6 promotion strategies are eye-catching as the Women's Day approaches March. Lancome also launched a holiday promotion campaign for female consumers. The reporter logged into the official website of Lancome and was attracted by a variety of promotional activities. This year, Lancome's underwear was created. The six major promotional sections.

NO.1 plate: sexy ** activities, each Lancome member can publish the original microblogging and participate in the topic "Lancome sexy **", write down the sexy eyes, write down what you want orange pink lotus leaf sexy wipe Chest color and size released original microblogging @ LA MIU Lan Ling underwear.

NO.2 section: Value-for-money exchange activities, with the February 2012 purchase order number can be redeemed for 50 RMB.

NO.3 plate: Women's Day Carnival purchase, which is divided into different discount activities for ordinary members and senior members, crystal members, diamond members, LANLMIU VIP members.

NO.4 plate: discount sale activities. The contents of the event are 3 fold for bras and 7 fold for caps.

NO.5 plate: about season activities. Spring sweater series, sports, leisure, wild 169 yuan 2 pieces.

NO.6 plate: special session for new members. Specific activities for the recruitment of spring members, have a playground, receive gifts registered to participate in the lottery.

Comments: Looking at Lancome's six plate promotions, taking into account all aspects of consumers, people of different membership levels can enjoy holiday specials. At the same time, it is a good time for Lancome to attract new members.

The promotion theme of “Autumn Lowest Discount” brand love “3·8” Women’s Day is “Woman spreads love to the bottom of the heart”. The slogan that is played is “3. 8 Women's Day signing first served”, and the promotion includes two items. Part: 30% discount on special merchandise, and the lowest price for berserk in the whole year starting from 59 yuan, including lingerie, bikini set, pajamas, home wear and other goods.

Comments: Log in AiMu official website, 3 fold of the big banners really make people brighten up, discounted area, clear, divided into 3 fold area and 59 yuan area. The selected style can be purchased directly online. For busy female consumers, it saves a lot of time for browsing activities and membership registration, and can go straight to the theme of discount.

In order to repay the love of our customers and fans, "To Bizan" launched the theme of "The spring breeze swaying for Women's Day, and the truth is good for gifts". The event takes place from February 16 to March 10. The first part of the event is for dealer activities, including: One-time purchases worth 316 yuan each; 316 yuan worth of wild return Temptation dresses and a value of 39 yuan butterfly heart sexy underwear; beautiful woman, vivid color, love Drunk thirty-eight, one-time purchase over 999 yuan, free shipping; a limited number of gifts, there are gifts; the above dealers choose one of the activities. The second part is terminal and network customer activities. Including: 8 special price promotions, popular foot and some new rewards 3.3 fold sales.

Comments: Beijing has a history of nearly 10 years with Bizan underwear, this time the 3-8 Women's Day activities are full of creative ideas. In general, the feedback of the public brands is for the majority of consumers, and “byzan” this time takes into account the interests of distributors. Businesses can be described as well-intentioned.

The golden figure SHOW will send a big show on this year's “3·8 Women's Day” golden figure SHOW theme: “Care for Health, Bloom, and Beauty”. From February 25th to March 10th, anybody who is in a golden show national chain stores can Participate in the following activities.

One is to try on courtesy: Try a pair of stockings by trying on the store.

The second is to buy courteous: non-members who go to the store to buy a full-length golden show products at least 168 yuan to send beautiful gift box packaging of women's underwear two.

Third, the members are polite: In addition to the members to shop to continue to enjoy the 8.8 fold discount, the purchase of gold figure show products over 168 yuan to send beautiful gift box packaging of women's underwear two.

Fourth, birthday courtesy: For customers who have a birthday on March 8, they can obtain a pair of exquisite women's socks and a free membership card with their ID card.

Comments: With a 15-year reputation and reputation, creating a new concept of the global lingerie chain operating system of the golden figure SHOW underwear brand, held in 2011 the golden figure SHOW first Chinese fashion underwear design contest, please do S spokesperson, Ye Mao in advertising planning , Has been committed to actively build a brand image, and strive to become China's most competitive "cheap fashion" underwear chain first brand.

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