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[This site] “There are more and more people with leg problems. You can see from the busy life here.” Experts on Chinese foot diseases, special secondary pedicures for national qualifications, and special allowances for the Beijing Municipal Government Wang Jiansheng, the enjoyer, told reporters that he will receive close to 40 patients with foot problems one day. “Summer patients are particularly numerous. People are vulnerable to being naked on both feet. Summer comes mostly from students, from primary school students to university students. In the one hour interviewed by the reporter, Wang Jiansheng had five people waiting outside the doctor's office. He was aged from 15 to 50.

As Wang Jiansheng said, foot problems have become a common epidemic among modern people. According to the "Survey on foot disease epidemiology in five years" of the Chinese Medical Association Dermatology Branch, one in every two people in China suffers from foot problems. In adults, the proportion is as high as three-fourths. Common foot diseases include corns, flat feet, ulcers, athlete's foot (Hong Kong feet), hyperthyroidism (gray armor), thick warts, long blisters, pain in the soles of the feet, and hammer toes. Foot disease not only has an increased incidence in China, but also has an increasing trend in the world. According to the latest statistics from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost half of Americans are suffering from foot problems. In the UK, there are 200,000 people each year because of foot problems. Seek treatment for illness.

For most people, it's not worth a big fuss to have a long scorpion on the foot, but Wang Jiansheng pointed out that the seriousness of the foot can not be ignored, lighter people can cause pain, affect normal walking posture and daily trips. It will harm the whole body. "For example, athlete's foot, if not treated promptly, the skin of the severer person at the junction of the intercostal space, the abdomen and the plantar surface will be affected, and severe itching. It may also cause secondary infection due to trauma, combined with pustular sores, lymphadenitis, and honeycomb. Tissue inflammation, sepsis, etc." said Wang Jiansheng.

Randomly wearing shoes and doing foot spasm is the main reason

People walk less and their living conditions are better. Why are foot problems increasing? A set of data released by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains why. Surveys show that adult foot problems are mainly caused by the following aspects: 64% are improperly used shoes, 18% are due to age, 11% are caused by unbalanced walking, 5% are due to excessive exercise, and 2% are unclear. .

In this regard, Wang Jiansheng said that the vast majority of foot problems are caused by improper shoes. "Like high heels, if the toe is too tight and pointed, it will cause the toes to undergo squeezing friction and cause valgus; too hard shoes may cause plantar myometitis; impenetrable, lame shoes may cause There was blisters between the feet of the feet and the seams in Hong Kong."

Yang Lan, director of the National Foot Care Massage Professional Committee, believes that the chaotic foot massage market is also a major cause of multiple foot problems. According to Yang Xie, less than 5% of the more than 4 million foot practitioners in the country have been certified. “Because of the rapid development of the foot spa industry, the number of foot therapists is short, so many bath centers and foot halls will first find a skilled foot massager after the opening of business, and then recruit some young people to learn from him. The 'students' look once or twice. According to the painting on the customer's body, this practice is very likely to harm the health of customers."

Deng Changqing, an expert in professional skills appraisal of the Ministry of Labor and deputy director of the National Foot Care Massage Professional Committee, believes that there are two major problems for qualified foot therapists on the market. First, indiscriminate use of traditional Chinese medicine, a prescription all over the world. “Some foot therapists call the banner of Chinese medicine and give all the guests a prescription, but in fact, the use of foothold materials varies from person to person, and people of different genders and ages use different medicines.” Beijing Capital Medical University, Beijing Dr. Qu Jianhua, chief physician of the Department of Dermatology at the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also pointed out that unscientific bathing may harm the skin of the feet, and it also causes the infection of foot diseases such as athlete's foot. The second is a casual massage. Some massage therapists seem to be clapping and lively, but they are very slick. “I talked to many massage therapists, but 20% to 30% of the massaging principles can be said.”

How can we keep good feet

"The tree withered first, and the old people lost their feet." Although foot therapy can certainly play a role in the care of the foot, several experts have pointed out that people's foot care knowledge in daily life is too little, resulting in the recurrence of foot problems. In order to maintain a good foot, the experts gave some suggestions as follows.

Feet every day. As the saying goes, “Bathing before going to bed is better than tonics.” To insist on using hot water to soak your feet every night, the water temperature is generally between 40°C and 50°C, soak for 15-20 minutes. The skin of your feet is red, and your face is slightly Khan is appropriate. Feet can clear the meridians, relieve fatigue, not only sleep sweet, but also to prevent the proliferation of aging. If your feet are dry, you can apply a foot cream and put on cotton socks.

Choose the right shoes. A pair of comfortable shoes not only makes people feel comfortable, but also can prevent ankle injuries and avoid deformation and wear of the feet. Select shoes to do "three no", that is, do not wear pinch shoes, do not wear texture or soft shoes, do not often wear high heels to walk. In addition, Wang Jiansheng reminded that we must wear shoes in accordance with the season, so that the feet have the right temperature, can not take the boots in summer, travel shoes, winter wear double canvas shoes.

Pedicure check. If there is no disease in the foot, people can choose to trim their toenails regularly to remove the stratum corneum. But to ensure that their foot supplies such as towels, scissors and other clean, it is best to use alone. If you find a corn, athlete's foot, etc., we must promptly go to a regular pedicurist consultation, pruning. In the case of frostbite and external injuries, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment.

In short, the foot is related to the overall health of the person, and raising the foot is a health-keeping step that requires long-term adherence.

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